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Disclaimer: We do not subscribe to all of the views expressed on all the links below; we feel that they are very useful and therefore we share them with you.

SLIDE SHARE – Peter Hammond is a missionary in Africa. Here are slides from some of his most important messages. A wealth of historic and current information!

WESTERN CONSERVATORY –  The Botkin family’s website is a full of practical applications of the Bible to the culture and society in which we live. Media and arts are their field of specialization. They have a great selection of FREE messages you can listen to NOW! (click here)


BOJIDAR MARINOV – Bojidar Marinov is a former communist, who was converted by the Gospel and is now a missionary to Bulgaria through translation, writing and speaking at conferences. Great cultural insight!

POCKET COLLEGE – It is truly not an understatement! R.J. Rushdoony is an American whose parents immigrated from Armenia before the Turkish Muslims murdered 1.5 million Christian Armenians in 1915. We find all these messages on a big variety of topics to be deep and practical for our walk with God. It is worth learning English just for listening to these messages!!


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